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Learning Community Plan

Collarenebri-Galariinbaraay experiences low AGPAR scores, low school attendance rates, low educational attainment, high rates of developmental vulnerability and poor employment outcomes which limits economic capacity for growth in the community. Low educational attainment contributes to high rates of residents neither earning or learning between the age of 15 to 24 years and poorer health outcomes.  The Corporation will work with the local schools and education providers, students and their families to develop a Learning Community Plan to coordinate programs to engage everyone in the community in understanding the value of education and promoting early years learning, health literacy, educational participation and attainment and progress to vocational and higher education for employment.


Estimated Cost


Funding Round Applied


Direct Jobs Created


Indirect Jobs Supported


Project Lead

Collarenebri Central School


Healthy Communities Foundation Australia Ltd


Business Case to be Developed

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Theory of Change

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