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The Corporation will initially be established as a not-for-profit charitable entity under the auspices of the Healthy Communities Foundation Australia Ltd.  The aim will be to support the development of governance and management capacity over a period of 5 years to mentor the organisation to take over community-control of the Corporation.


As a community voice for Collarenebri-Galariinbaraay’s community its role will be to advance the implementation of the current and future Community Plans, govern and manage general funds allocated to the Collarenebri-Galariinbaraay community under this Plan (not funds that are granted to specific organisations such as Murdi Paaki Community Working Party, Foundation etc), ensure effective community engagement and participation in decisions, and monitor performance in achieving the objectives in this Plan. 


The Board of the Corporation will include representatives of:


  • Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly Collarenebri Community Working Party 

  • the Shire

  • Collarenebri Local Aboriginal Land Corporation

  • The Healthy Communities Foundation Australia

  • Collarenebri Central School

  • local business leaders

  • civil leaders such as police and/or ambulance

  • such other organisations that share the goals and values of the Corporation and are committed to help the community to advance their objectives.

The Members will initially elect 9 Directors.  The Chair of the Board of Directors will be elected for a term of 2 years by the Directors.  The Chair will rotate between an Aboriginal  and a non-Aboriginal director.

To the extent possible, the Board must be comprised of an equal number of women and men and at least one Elder.  The Board must actively encourage participation as directors by people with a disability, from the LGBTQIA+ community and youth.

The directors will be elected by the Members for a 4 year term.  Half of the directors will be elected every two years in order to ensure a balance of experience and new ideas.

To the extent possible appointed directors should reside in Collarenebri-Galariinbaraay or have a significant role in the Collarenebri-Galariinbaraay community and its development.

The Board must be comprised of at least one of the following:

  1. an Elder of the Galariinbaraay community;

  2. a person with financial qualifications and experience;

  3. a person with community development skills and experience;

  4. a person with legal qualifications and experience.


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