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This initiative is all about kids.  Like everyone we want a better future for our children.  We want them to aspire to be better than their forebears, while next forgetting who they are, how we came to this place in time and the responsibility we have to each other to do better. You can sponsor a kid in lots of different ways.  Literacy and numeracy programs, healthy lifestyle programs, career training and so forth.  Our kids need your help. They do not want for love and community, but they need some of the practical supports necessary for a brighter future.


The community needs help with skilled trades, professionals and mentors to assist in rebuilding the economic and social foundations of the community. Retired butchers who are happy to supervise and train kids, agricultural managers to help out with farm management and skill-up the next generation, barbers and hairdressers, lawyers and accountants - you name it.  If you have skills, time, passion and commitment let us know and we will add you to our volunteer list for help. 


We are all about rebuilding, renewing and reconciling our community to progress to the future for our kids.  This is a common goal of most communities.  Why not adopt Collarenebri as a sister town and organise community activities and events to help is raise funds, access volunteers etc. By helping us to build our community, maybe you can help build community on your own town?  


We also make it simple.  We have thought out these projects as a community to focus on the things that will make our town a great place to live and grow for the next generation.  We are prepared to put in the hard work, but we can always use a helping hand with some funds to realise our goals.



We need the help of large corporations, and small, who want to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility by backing a project.  This can include money, skills, volunteers and other support.  The community has a big plan, and we need big support to help us to get there in the spirit of reconciliation.  

Not sure what is the best way for your to help? Get in contact today and we can talk about what we are doing, your interests and how we can work together to build a bright future for our children in Galariinbaraay-Collarenebri.

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